Trainer Tips

  • Find a sport or exercise you enjoy and base all your workouts off it.
  • Drink a protein shake and have carbs no more than 30 minutes after your workout to see quicker results.
  • Sleep 8 hours a night.  You will be rested and perform better during your workouts.
  • Find a friend with the same goals as you and schedule your workouts together.  Knowing your friend will be waiting for you at the gym will make you more  consistent making your workouts.
  • Make your workouts part of your everyday habits.  I always make it to the gym by 5:30am during the week and 7am on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Be realistic with your results.  You can’t workout for a week and expect to have a new body.
  • Eat Clean,  80% of changing your body is due to your nutrition.
  • Set a large goal, and also set smaller goals to get you to your bigger goal.  Once you complete a small goal, reward yourself with a spa treatment, a movie with a friend or a couple of magazines from the store.
  • Wear a heart rate monitor when you workout so you know what your heart rate is at.  At any point during a workout when you noticed it isn’t elevated as high as you would like, add in some jumping jacks, butt kicks or high knees to get it elevated to where you want it.  You’ll get more bang for your buck in the gym and see results quicker!
  •   If you are going to have a sinfully good meal, try to incorporate other healthy items into the meal so you can fill up on them first, such as a fresh green salad with this meal.  You wont be tempted to over eat and you’ll walk away from this meal feeling satisfied. 
  • If you can’t feel your muscles working on your last few reps during strength exercises, you’re wasting you time!
  • Remember to workout hard and you will see results!  Consistency and eating right are the key to accomplishing your health and fitness goals!  They go hand in hand!

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