My current fitness routine

I know what the power of exercise and eating clean can do and can’t recommend a healthy lifestyle enough!

Before starting an exercise program, consult with a doctor first.

My current fitness routine (not in any order):

  • Day 1- Cardio 45 minutes + core
  • Day 2- 20 minutes intervals and strength- legs, chest and triceps
  • Day 3-  Cardio 45 minutes + core
  • Day 4-  20 minutes intervals and strength- legs back and biceps
  • Day 5- Plyometric workout

Pregnancy Workout Routine

5 Day Weekly Rotation

  • Day 1-  45+ Minutes of Cardio
  • Day 2-  Strength Training, Back, Core, Pecs and Quads and Glutes
  • Day 3-  45+ Minutes of Cardio
  • Day 4-  Strength Training, Hamstrings, Shoulders, Triceps and Biceps
  • Day 5-  45+ Minutes of Cardio

In Addition- Prenatal Yoga as often as I can to help my body get ready for giving birth and daily dog walks

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